Chez Maman West Brunch

oeufs cocottes (poached egg with cream served with roasted persillade bread)
Salmon, goat cheese cocotte 9
Tomato, basil cocotte 9
Proscuitto cocotte 9
chez maman specialties
2 poached eggs over toasted muffin (served with salad)
Eggs Benedict with canadian bacon & sauce hollandaise 14
Eggs Norwegian with smoked salmon & sauce hollandaise 14
Eggs Florentine with sautèed spinach and gruyère bèchamel sauce 14
omelettes (3 eggs & salad)
Smoked salmon, goat cheese & tomatoes 14
Chicken apple sausage, tomatoes, bell pepper & jack cheese 14
Tomatoes, pesto & prosciutto 14
Feta cheese, tomatoes, zucchini, onions & bell pepper 14
Salsa, sour cream & black beans 14